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Air quality

Air quality

Many residents have reported breathing difficulties as a result of wood burning stoves and domestic fires in our streets. Iffley Fields is in a Smoke Control Area. This means that only authorised fuel can be used, except in some wood burning stoves which meet Government standards and are exempt. Contravention can lead to a maximum fine of £1000.  

Recent research has shown the damage to health of pollutants, such as particulate matter.  In the UK, the single biggest source of this type of air pollution is domestic coal and wood-burning.

There are ways of using wood burning stoves more safely. Such as ensuring ventilation, regular servicing and making sure wood has less than 20% moisture. You can buy moisture monitors for less than £20. DEFRA has produced a practical guide on the use of open fires and wood burning stoves, see here.

The IFRA air quaity subgroup is monitoring Particulate levels and will report on what we find. If you would like to check your indoor PM levels, we may be able to lend a monitor (email Any residents wanting to join the group are most welcome!

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