Iffley Fields Residents Association

Iffley Fields is a great place to live. We want this to continue and to improve.  We want Iffley Fields to be a community welcoming to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and to encourage a community spirit.

IFRA was set up in 1997 and covers Argyle Street, Bedford Street, Chester Street, Daubeny Road, Eyot Place, Fairacres Road, Greyfriars Court, Jackdaw Lane, Parker Street, Stratford Street, Warwick Street. 

The IFRA Committee meets every 2 months and all are welcome. Click here for the dates for 2022.

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Crowdfunding:  Table Tennis on Meadow Lane Recreation Ground

29 September 2022

The Meadow Lane Recreation Ground is an amazing resource right on our doorstep - accessible, open and loved by many.  Table tennis is accessible to all ages and abilities. Many of us as parents would like to see our kids using screens less, and would love to see our kids willingly take themselves off to the park to knock a ball about or play table tennis.  It's hard to put a value on that sort of neighbourhood asset.

Oxford University, our local councillors, Oxford Council and Iffley Fields Residents Association (IFRA) have already generously given £2250 towards this project. We are now asking the Iffley Fields community to come together to help find the remaining £1999. If we can raise this target,  the final £1000  has been pledged by an anonymous Iffley Fields resident. 

We have worked hard to get this cost as low as possible - the plinth and table will both be made of concrete and are necessarily quite expensive. However, both will be robust and last for years to come - there was a metal table tennis table on the rec some years ago and it didn't last to going for something solid and endurable is the best way forward.

So please dig deep and help us invest in our community and neighbourhood for the benefit of everyone.

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Thanks for your support.

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Interest groups

December 12, 2025

IFRA has received many suggestions from residents that they would like some local interest groups. Below are requests we have so far received.  

  •  Book Group

  •  Music

  •  Walking

  •  Singing

  •  Baby Sitting

  •  Art Appreciation

  •  Theatre

  •  Gardening

  •  Film

  •  Wildlife/nature

  • Local History

  •  oard Games

  •  Knitting and Crocheting

  •  Card games (Bridge, Whist, Canasta

  •  Sewing Bee

  •  Any other suggestions?

 Please let us know by 15 September, if you are interested in any of the groups. 

You can complete the form and  return to Sue Hale, 38 Argyle Street, Oxford OX4 1SS or email

Once we receive the names of 5 people or more, we will put you in contact with each other so that the initial meeting can be arranged.

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Car sharing in Iffley Fields

16 July 2021

IFCAR is a neighbourhood car sharing scheme based in Iffley Fields, set up September 2021. The tech and insurance is provided by Hiya Cars. Now we have around 20 drivers and 7 cars. By sharing cars, we  can reduce  cars on our streets and live in a nicer, cleaner environment.


Meadow  Lane Recreation Ground

9 January 2022

The Rec is a great asset for the local community. As IFRA we want to take steps to improve the Rec and surounding areas for the benefit of the local community and nature. Find out more about our proposals here 

Following a survey of residents and users,  2 new benches have been placed along Meadow Lane, we have plans for better planting and to  provide for young people with a table-tennis table. 

After - Tree Stump of Copper Beech at Corner of Howard and Iffley Road 242244840_4227898700664832_54

Press Release: Council told to make good after no-notice felling of landmark tree

29 September 2021

The loss of the magnificent copper beech tree, which stood on Iffley Road at the junction with Howard Street, caused many to take to social media to express their dismay.

Angry residents in East Oxford are demanding a “full and transparent explanation” after Oxford City Council felled a mature tree that has been an Iffley Road landmark for over seventy-five years, 

IFRA has issued a press release asking for the tree to be replaced.


Renewing Longbridges

18 June 2021

A survey of local river-users in Oxford prompted 1140 responses. The results show that the river is widely and frequently used throughout the year for swimming and other casual use (i.e. not supported by clubs). The results indicate that yet more people would swim and paddle in the river if it was clean, clear of obstacles and had easier access in and out of the water. Current users of the river appreciate the natural state of the river, so a full swimming-pool type development (as used to be the case in the past – with changing rooms and diving boards etc) is not needed or wanted by respondents. As a result of the survey, the local group think that a focus on renewing Longbridges as a safe swimming place while maintaining its natural state and supporting wildlife would enhance the river-use.


Benches for the  Rec

26 March 2021

Thanks to all those who contributed to a new bench for the Meadow Lane Recreation Ground. We now have two new benches and bins!

And two more on Meadow Lane by the Guerilla Garden.