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History of Iffley Fields

Until the growth of Oxford in the 19th century, this area was fields and meadows. With the Kidneys and Astons Eyot, much of this feel is retained. In the 1830s Iffley Parish lands were enclosed. View the 1830 map of Iffley Parish here 

Development started with Fairacres House (now the Convent) in the 1830s. The first houses to be built was Chester Street, including the Chester Arms.

Read Liz Woolley's fascinating Brief History of East Oxford, the Fairacres Estate, the Iffley Road Estate and Chester Street. You can visit her website

More details of the growth of the streets  can be found here

Find out more about your Street here

However the history of the area goes much further back to prehistory and Roman times

View the report from East Oxford Archaeology here. 

 IFRA formed the Iffley Fields History Group in 2022. Please join us and get in touch if you have any information about the history of the area, please let us know here.

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Blog about Oxford and its Rivers

Joanna Innes, a local resident, has been writing a blog about Oxford and its rivers during lockdown

This includes  local information, such as a post about the Kidneys and Aston’s Eyot. The post includes links to her sources of information. She welcomes further information and corrections.

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Do you know what this is?


What were the Kidneys and Longbridges like in 1920?


What was a Sunday walk like in 1950?

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