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Local services

IFRA has a Facebook page, where you can find out what is happening, get recommendations for services, and offers as well as news about IFRA. To join you need a Facebook account and go to IFRA page here. Notification will be sent to the administrators who will then accept anyone into the group if they look as if they are local.

Street connectors are  volunteers who are happy to hear your views about how we can make Iffley Fields a better place to live and take issues to the IFRA committee, which is eager to hear what residents think.

If you have just moved here, your Street Connector will be happy to welcome you to the area and tell you about WhatsApp groups you can join.

Local services: Welcome

The Chester Arms

This is an independent community-based pub with excellent food. Developers wanted to turn it into housing, the residents campaigned for it to continue.

Car share


Only people who live in Iffley Fields can borrow the cars., or email 


Zip car has a rental car at the top of Fairacres Road and Stratford Street.


Co Wheels have bay on Bedford Street,

Rowing and outdoor sports

City of Oxford Rowing Club

Falcon Rowing and Canoeing Club

Sea Scouts 22nd Oxford Sea Scout Group

Oxford Sea Cadets

Swimming and gym

University Sports Centre, Jackdaw Lane, 

Community membership available 

Though swimming in the river is not at the moment recommended because of the pollution, IFRA is working to improve the old swimming area in Longbridges which is in a cut the other side of the river.

Fairacres Allotments

The allotment site comprises~90 plots of various sizes, the largest being 5 Poles. Allotments are rented on an annual basis. The allotment site includes an orchard and two polytunnels for use by members. The site is owned by Oxford City Council and is managed by the Fairacres Road Allotment Committee.



For medical advice when not life threatening, call 111. The nearest A&E is at the John Radcliffe.

Donnington Medical Partnership,

1 Henley Avenue, Oxford OX4 4DH.

01865 771313,

Donnington Pharmacy 01865 711722

St Bartholomew's Medical Centre, Manzil Way, OX4 1XB; 01865 242334

East Oxford Health Centre, 1 Manzil Way, OX4 1XD; 01865 904494

St. Clements Surgery

39 Temple Street OX4 1JS. 01865 248550

Refuse and Recycling

Bins are collected Thursdays – Green and blue bins alternate weeks. Put out the night before or by 7 am. Check timetable, what goes in each bin and set up a weekly alert:

Green bins for landfill,

Blue bins for recycling - bottles, cans, paper and some plastics.

Small green bins for food waste collected weekly. Please make this secure and leave on a wall or bin or badgers and foxes disperse them!

Brown bins (optional extra charge) for garden waste collected fortnightly.

Public Transport

All buses along Iffley Road go to the City Centre. The 3 goes to Rose Hill, 3A to Templars Square, Oxford Science Park and Greater Leys;  X40 and X39 to Wallingford and Reading, ST1 Redbridge P&R and Harwell.

Oxford City Council

Oxfordshire County Council

Councillor (St Mary’s and Iffley Fields)

Damian Haywood:


Local services: List
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