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Green spaces

IFRA Parks 

In Iffley Fields we are lucky to live close to the river and the wonderful Kidneys and Astons Eyot.
Please be in touch if you have ideas of what we can do and if you would like to be involved in maintaining and improving them.


Meadow Lane Recreation Ground

Meadow Lane Rec is a great asset for the local community and has been even more important in lockdown. IFRA wants to improve the Rec and surrounding areas for the benefit of the local community and nature. In March 2021 we set up a new group - the Friends of Meadow Lane Recreation Ground. It is looking at ways of renovating the Rec. 

Through crowdfunding, we already have new benches and bins for the Rec and hope to have a table tennis table by Spring 2023. 


What we can do now

These improvements can be made within our existing budget

  • Wild flower meadow - on the far side – the nettles have already been cut back so the area can be wild seeded and bulbs planted in the autumn.

  • Picnics and social gatherings – We are proposing two small groups of trees (possibly birch - or mixed) as a basis for groups to shelter round - leaving heaps of space for the informal cricket and other games. Before confirming the position, tree stumps will be place out for a couple of weeks to show where they might be placed so we can adjust them to find the best place.

  • Children Playground- we are asking the Council to look at how flooding can be prevented in future.


What we can do with crowdfunding

  • Designated Sports Zone - We have designated a zone for sports at the scrap yard end of the Rec. This will need funding but we would like to ensure we have provision for a basketball net, 5-a-side football and an outdoor gym

  • Benches and bins at the Jackdaw Lane end.


Kids' football pitch

IFRA first submitted a proposal to the Council for chalking up a football pitch in 2019. In spite of the support of Councillors, the proposal met with resistance from the Council. Our original proposal has shrunk to a 3-month trial of a 55 x 36.5m pitch without goal storage. Though the Council has said it is not a priority for them, IFRA is pursuing this.


The Kidneys and Astons Ayot

The Kidneys and Aston’s Eyot are nature reserves. The Kidneys is managed by the City Council, Astons Eyot is owned by Christchurch and managed by the Friends of Astons Eyot.
IFRA works with the Friends of Astons Eyot and the Council to protect ad improve these wonderful spaces.
With the crowd funding for the bench, we also raised enough money for additional bin in Meadow Lane outside the entrance in the Kidneys.


Guerilla gardening

On Meadow Lane there is a 'guerrilla garden'. Others are welcome to reclaim more of the verges of Meadow Lane or contribute to the existing one. 

Follow on the Guerilla Garden Facebook.

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