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The Recreation Ground

Meadow Lane Rec is a great asset for the local community. In 2021 we surveyed users and residents to find out what they wanted from the Rec. The openness and the multiple and informal uses of the Rec are widely valued, and any changes should not interfere with this. Given this, there is support for more benches, better planting, a few additional sports facilities, and better maintenance of the area.

We work closely with the Council to implement changes. 

Recreation Ground: Welcome

General improvements

In the survey  people  asked for  benches and better planting as long as it did not interfere with the open nature of the space and informal sports.

Benches and bins

We crowded funded for two benches by the playground and extra bins. Two more benches will soon be installed at the Jackdaw Lane end. One is dedicated to the memory of  Pam St Clair who lived in Argyle Street for many years.

Trees and flowers

We have created a wild flower meadow and bulbs on the far side, replacing the nettles.

Trees have been planted that will provide shade and opportunities for picnics and social gatherings. 

Guerilla Gardens

On Meadow Lane there is a 'guerrilla garden' by the Rec and another by the allotments. Others are welcome to reclaim more of the verges of Meadow Lane or contribute to the existing one.

Basket ball_edited.jpg


The survey found that people wanted more sports facilities, in particular table tennis, basket ball and an outdoor gym.

Table Tennis 

We achieved this  in 2022 with crowdfunding  thanks to everyone who contributed and it is well used. Table tennis balls can be bought at the Chester and any funds will go towards  the costs of replacing bats etc.

Basket ball

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the crowdfunder and to the survey.

This encouraged the City Council to give us the new hybrid facility!

Thanks in particular to Catherine King, City Councillors Emily Kerr and Chris Jarvis and Council Officers. 


Outdoor gym

This is our next project! We are looking into possible locations in discussion with the Council and will be looking at ways we can fund this.

All this is being achieved through the initiative of  local residents and their children with the support of IFRA. If you have any ideas, please contact us. 


The Childrens Playground

The Playground for children up to 8 is very popular and well used. It is managed and maintained by the Council. Residents had raised concerns that it was starting to deteriorate and prone to flooding to IFRA. It was visited on 12 January 2023 with Cllr Chris Jarvis.

We are working with the Council to reduce the flooding, maintain the equipment have raised funds for some new equipment which will be consulting about. 

A group of parents are organising play events for children and parents over the summer

Recreation Ground: Programs
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