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East Oxford Report it!

East Oxford Report It is a community initiative helping us to report problems and increase the information available to those that can sort these out and to focus resources where they are most needed.

The Police, Brookes University and the City Councils are among those supporting the initiative. Areas include:

  • Traffic, roads and pathways

  • Rough sleeping

  • Noise and other anti-social behaviour

  • Criminal behaviour and drugs activity

  • Rubbish and environment

  • Student behaviour

  • Houses and property

You can contact city and county councillors for Iffley Fields (St Mary’s) through the site.

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River pollution

Please report any sewage pollution that you see using the form (link below). 

It is not a very easy form to use, but please persevere as it will help the campaign to clean up the Thames in  Oxford. 

Report it: Programs
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